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It is likely that the Urmia area has the name of Armariali in the annals of the 8th Sargon II campaign. Thureau Dangin has published in 1912: "From the strong cities of Sangibutu, I went to the province of Armarili. Bubuzi the fortress; Hundur which two walls was pregnant and at each entrance a tower was solidly built; Aale, Sinispalâ, Siniunak, Arna, Sarniî, 7 fortified cities, with 30 surrounding villages at the foot of the mountains Ubianda ".

To reach this region, Sargon II crossed the Zagros Mountains to Bukan, after an excursion to the south beyond the mountains, he turned to the east of Lake Urmia to reach the cities of Usqaia and Tarmakisa, and to the north of Lake Urmia, to Sangibutu, before returning to the west of the lake.

Armailli is probably spelled "Urmeate" in the annals of Assurbanipal and Aramale in an inscription of Shalmaneser II in the 11th century BC: the latter coming from Arzashku, the first capital of Urartu, visited the country of Eritia and headed Aramale and Zanzuina before joining the Sea of Nairi, which was the Lake of Urmia.

It's specially the phonetic closeness and the geographical likelihood of the military campaigns of Shalmaneser II and Sargon II that justify this hypothesis. No archaeological excavation comes to support it.


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