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During its 8th campaign, coming from Uisdis, after reaching Usqaia, a large fortress on the border of Urartu, Sargon II describes the cities of Tarui and Tarmakisa: "Strong walled cities are built, in the region of the Daléens, with abundant grains, the interior walls were powerful, exterior walls were solidly built, the perimeter was surrounded by deep ditches.” He says that they are the first cities of the Sagbita region.

The present city of Tabriz, north-western Iran, is a possible candidate for Tarui and Tarmakisa.

François Thureau-Dangin, who has studied the geographic locations of the 8th Sargon II campaign, reinforces this rapprochement by the location of the city of Usqaia that would be the present Osku, near the south-west of Tabriz . Phonetic proximity makes this a plausible assumption.


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My notes of veracity :

Tarui and Tarmakisa were the present city of Tabriz, northwest of Iran: 3/5

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