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In a list of Egyptian kings, Ashurbanipal during the 7th century BC, mentions Bukkunannipi king of Athrlbls. In the 4th century AD, Ammianus Marcellinus said the city was the largest of the Nile Delta.

Athribis was recognized by the French expedition to Egypt of Bonaparte. It was then a vast unexplored tell comprising various Roman ruins, Egyptian temples and a pyramid in crude brick of the 3rd Dynasty. These remains have mostly disappeared. The site is now called Tell-Athrib or Kom Sidi Youssef and is near the town of Benha.

Different teams searched in the ruins of this city, including a team of Polish archaeologists.

His hieroglyphic name is very close to the Greek or Assyrian name: Het-ta-hérieb, Het-ta-heri-ib or Hout-héry-ib.

In the New Empire, Touri and Amenhotep son of Hapu are both natives of Athribis, who discribed us their city.

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My notes of veracity :

Athribis was the Tell-Atrib near Benha: 5/5

Het-ta-hérieb, Het-ta-heri-ib or Hout-héry-ib is the hieroglyphic name of Athribis : 4/5

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