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Tegarama is a city mentioned many times in the archives of the Assyrian merchants of Kanes. The town appears to be on the terrestrial path from Assur to Hatti, through Mamma. It was not far from the country of Isuwa. Indeed, according Kbo VI 28 ro12 of the archives of the Hittites under Tutahliya III, the men of Isuwa have reached Tegarama.

To face the threat of the Hurrian, the King "Hantili I" has visited Tegarama for making a speech. At Tegarama Suppiluliuma has reviewed his troops before facing the Hurrians and conquer Carchemish.

At the beginning of the 1st millennium BCE, that city was the Urartréenne Tarkhigamas, and also the Assyrian Tilgarimmu (or Til garimmu). The town depended on the king of Melid (Malatiya).

Although there is no archaeological evidence, Gürün, at the northwest of Malatya, is the most often mentioned as the ancient city of Tegarama. The geographical position and the phonetics are the main arguments. A Luwian inscription was found there:

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My notes of veracity :

4000 years ago, Tegarama was the present town of Gürün: 3/5

3000 years ago, Tilgarimmu was the present town of Gürün: 3/5

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