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Paduwa is a city of the Hittite archives, best known as the residence of a man named "Mita of Pahhuwa" which had caused confusion in the countries of Isuwa and Kummaha. Here is a thesis of Serkan ERDOĞAN, Ankara, 2015, which states that, probably, the city of Pahhuwa was towards the town of Tunceli near the Pülümür river, on a place which is still called Pah.

Incidental findings have been reported on this very hill near the center of Tunceli, on the opposite bank of the river Pülümür, on the place called "the Castle of Sinan-Pah" which was recently declared « protected archaeological area ».

The Hittite tablets on the invasions of Mita of Paduwa mention as having been defeated by this troublemaker the towns of Hurla, Halmisna and Aparhula. Some were of the Isuwa.

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My notes of veracity :

Pahhuwa was the castle of Sinan-Pah of Tunceli, Turkey: 3/5

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