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The annals of Ashurnasirpal II are quite precise about the location of Kukunu of the country of Dirra. Here is the itinary of the king who went to Tuska, crossed the Tigris for submit the city of Pitura of the country of Dirra and continued to fight on the same side of the Tigris: "I reached the city of Kukunu is in front of the mountain of Matnu and I killed 700 of their warriors. I took many prisoners. I conquered 50 cities of the country of Dirra and I made a massacre."

Matnu is Madanu (now Maden). The mountain in question is the Inceburun Daglari, and the city of Kukunu is probably the present town of Dicle / Piran.

Piran / Dicle video

As part of the construction of the Ilisu dam on the Tigris, the recent discovery, out of context, of an Akkadian writing prism raise many questions:

His translation has shown that this was a document of the reign of Tunip-Tessup king of Tikunani, contemporary of Hattusili I, around 1550 BCE.

Tikunani is the city called Tigunânum in the archives of Mari. A king called "Nagatmis" sovereign of Tigunânum, came to make his submission to Zimri-Lim, king of Mari. IV 23 and IV 76 talks about Turukkéens survivors who are in the country Tigunânum and its surroundings. Ism-Dagan sent an expedition for pursue the Turukkéens. Arrived on the banks of a river, the enemy has set up its camp, the swollen river would not allow their passage. Ism-Dagan has managed to help crossing some soldiers who arrived to Tigunanum. During the night, the river has decreased, the Turukkéens have also entered in the country of Tigunanum. From there, we were told to Isme-Dagan: "They will go back to their country."

Most researchers in the light of these texts, see the country of Tigunanum on the left bank of the upper Tigris. It may be that by "Turukkéens" the Mariotes designated the inhabitants of the country of Turira or Dira.

In summary, the name of this town called Tigunanum by Mariotes and Tikunani by the Hittites during the second millennium BC turned into "Kukunu" during the 1st millennium in the Neo-Assyrian texts. In those of Urartu, in a Menuas text, it is probably Khatkanas: from Khatkanas this king came to Bikuras and Suras (Suru) of the country of Nairi.

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My notes of veracity :

Tigunânum of the archives of Mari was Tikunani: 4/5

The neo-Assyrian Kukunu of the country Dira was Tikunani: 3/5

The urartréenne Khatkanas was the Neo-Assyrian Kukunu: 4/5

Kukunu was the present Dicle / Piran in Turkey: 3/5

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