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With Hurla and Halmisna, Aparhula is among the cities of Isuwa defeated by Mita of Pahhuwa.

Hurpana appears with Astata, Carchemish and Tegarama in the Edict of Telepinu during the reign of Hantili and the murder of Mursili during his return from the expedition against Babylon.

Harputtawanna appears in the debris of Hattusili II annals.

The only criterion of phonetic similarity allows to advance the hypothesis of three different spellings of Harput near Elazig, Turkey. Here is a picture of the castle of Harput, "Harput Kalesi" in Turkish:

The castle is considered to have been built by Urartu, to the first half of the 1st millennium BC, while the nearby archaeological sites show a certain continuity of places since the Hittite empires.

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My notes of veracity :

Harput was the city of Aparhula, Hurpana or Harputtawanna in the Hittite archives : 2,5/5

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