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Andzit, Antzitene or Anzitene was a region of the medieval Armenia between 300 and 1000 AD. It was mentioned during the revolt of the general Bardas Skleros during the last moments of the Byzantine Empire.

It is very likely that this is the city of Enzite of the annals of the Neo-Assyrian king Shalmaneser II: This king is departed from Kar Shalmaneser (Til-Barsip) to get to the country of Bit-Zamani. From the country Bit-Zamani, after having crossing the Namdanu and Meirsu mountains, he reached the land Enzite of the country of Isuwa . He captured and destroyed the city of Enzite and made an image of his victory. He went to Saluria at the foot of a sacred mountain, to file its image. From Enzite, he crosses the river Arzania, to go to Suhme and devastate Uashtal. Then he joined Dayaeni, Arzashku city of Urartu and the mountain of Adduri. His journey led him to the mountain country of Eritia at Aramale and Zanziuna, Nairi sea, Gilzani, Shilaya, the stronghold of Kaki, King Hupushkia. He concludes, I departed from the Enzite pass and came back by the Kirruru pass above Arbela.

This town called "Hanzit" or "Hanzeth" is positioned between Palu and Ergani by Abraham S. Anspacher in "Tiglath Pileser III." This location allows to have an idea of the geographic air of Isuwa, a country often mentioned during the Bronze Age in the archives of the Hittites.

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My notes of veracity :

Enzite of the country of Isuwa was the Armenian Andezit: 4/5

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