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According Hattusa archives of the New Kingdom, the CTH 50 Treaty has given the city of Murmuriga at Suppiluliama's son installed in Karkemis. Murmuriga, Sipri, Mazuwati and Surun were the walled cities of the country of Carchemish, located west of the Euphrates. Perhaps it is the city Sirina (CTH 135) of the treaty that defines the boundaries between Tunip and Alalakh.

A letter of Amarna (EA241) was written by Rusmanya of Saruna.

During the 9e century BC, the annals of Shalmaneser III suggest this city to the west of the Euphrates, "I left Til Barsip. Withvessels made from lambskin I crossed the Euphrates during his high water. Cities [...], Surunu, Paripa, Til-basere, Dabigu, six major towns of Ahuni Bit-Adini I captured."

Such a name appears in the list of cities of the kingdom of Arpad of a stele of Sfiré. According André Lamaire and Jean-Marie Durand, author of "The Aramaic inscriptions of Sfiré" it would be "Sarin", today Zagiye about 20 km from Gaziantep, Turkey.

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My notes of veracity :

Surun or Saruna, was Sarin, Turkey: 3/5

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