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The Tell Ahmar excavations have identified several stelae of Masuwari kings.

Researchers believe that the Tell Ahmar, Til-Barsib, becoming Kar Shalmaneser after the Neo-Assyrian conquest, during the 9th century BC, had a third name: Masuwari, a Hittite toponyme.

According to the New Kingdom archives of Hattusa, the CTH 50 treaty has given to Suppiluliama son, installed in Carchemish, the city of Murmuriga. Murmuriga, 0/sipri-supru-suprum-one-or-more-cities.html">Sipri, Mazuwati and Surun were the main cities of the Carchemish country but located west of the Euphrates. Also, it is now accepted that Mazuwati and Masuwari was a single city in Tell Ahmar.

But recently, find on an Israeli antiques market, a stele of an unknown origin mentions a king of Masuwari, Hamiyatas inaugurating a new town called Haruha, probably the present Urfa. This shows that the country of these kings had included several cities, including some in the east of the Euphrates.

Also, it may be that this country was relatively large.

This provides an additional argument to those who consider that "Masuwari" is found in the Neo-Assyrian texts under the name "Musri". Tiglath-pileser I, around 1100 BC, mentions that at the beginning of his reign, five Muski kings with an army of 20,000 men have ruled for 50 years on the countries of Alzi, Purukuzzu and Kummuhu. Musri seems to refer to all of these countries. It shall not be confused with Mount Musri near the Assyrian capital. But it was also the name of Egypt. After the episode of the demand for a son from Suppiluliuma by an Egyptian queen, is that these Hittite kings continued to claim the title of King of Egypt hundreds of years later?

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My notes of veracity :

Masuwari and Mazuwati: a city at Tell Ahmar: 2/5

Masuwari was written Musri in Assyrian texts from the late 2nd millennium BC, and appointed a country northwest of Assyria: 2.5/5

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