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According to the archives of the tell Hariri, the Idamaras was a big country which included many others conquested countries. At their head were kings chosen from the powerful people prevailing at Mari.

The Idamaras during the early 2nd millennium seems to be an area encompassing a population with the same culture and the same language (probably the Hurrian), different from those of the Yamhad, the Zalmaqum and Mari region: these were the three places which furnished troops of warriors. Here a significant example: Troops were sent as reinforcements to Zimri-Lim "10,000 men of Yamhad which just left Tuttul, and they hope 10,000 men from the Zalmaqum. They go to the Idamaras to face to Atamrum."

Today, all countries of Idamaras are positioned in the Khabur region, but not certainties.

The archaeological sites of this period are to be compared with the texts: a ceramic, called « Khabur ware », which is extremely present in this region, has spread to northern Iraq, south-eastern Turkey as well as in Iran. This is, I think, the territory of the Idamaras which included, inter alia, from east to west:

  • The country of Aslakka, with the cities of Admatum and Hissalum (or Huslâ)
  • The country Kahat, with the cities of Kabittum, Kalluhubra and Nilibsinnu,
  • The country Ilan-Sura, with the cities of TillaSuhpad and Mazuradum,
  • The country of Asnakkum,
  • The country Suna, with the cities of Sunhum and Urkis.

This is therefore a set of cities located towards the border between Turkey on the one hand and on another hand the north Syria, the north Iraq and the northwest of Iran. Probably what will become, towards the middle of the second millennium BC, the land of Mitanni.

There was also a Higher Idamaras which included the cities of Nahur, Talhayum and Qirdahat, it takes probably located more inside of today's Turkey.

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