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Ašlakka is a place name of Idamaras frequently found in the archives of Mari. It is because its king, Ibal-Addu, married one daughters of Zimri-Lim.

In the texts of Ishchali Eshnunna, this city is written "Aslukatim", with the hypothesis of a constitution of the name by juxtaposing "Asalu" and "Akka".

Ibal-Addu of Aslakka conquered Admatum and appropriated the harem of Askur-Addu before he became king of Karana. The tablet X-73 tells how Ibal-Addu king of Aslakka, seized the city of Yaphur-Lim, Izallu, ie Asalu or Hissalum, which was on the borders of his country.

The tablets of Inib-sarri, the promised of Ibal Addu, show that Aslakka was a city close to both countries of Numha and Yamutbal.

Zimri-Lim came himself in the region of Aslakka and Andarig, which was the occasion to baptize one of his years : "The year where Zimri-Lim has besieged Andarig". The analysis of the military facts of this period shows some operations around Aslakka. This is the confirmation that Aslakka was close to Andarig. XXV.740 evokes the "camp of Aslakka", which shows that the city was primarily a gathering of warriors from the Habur.


On the prism of Sennacherib, mention is made, at the seventh campaign, cited in a list of the country of Elam along the land of Assyria, after Raba, of "Harri-Ashlaki". The phonetic of the second part of the name is sufficiently clear.

In a text of Argistis of Urartu found on a stone of the Church of Sahak Surk, a city is called "Askala", and is mentioned with Zuas: "On approaching the country of Didis, I devastated the territory of the city of Zuas, the city even of Zuas of Bit-Diaus and I put a stele in the territory of the city of Zuaians among the Askalaians ".


These are the reasons why I put this city on Dinkha Tepe, northwest Iran. This tell, located 20 km west of the tell Hasanlu after the pass of Kelishin, was excavated by the same team as the tell Hasanlu:

Archaeological work has shown that the city was founded around 1800 BC. I think it is a creation of Mariotes: the potteries are essentially Habur models. In this region around Lake Urmia, the tells are numerous and close to each other. Except the Hasanlu tepe which cross the ages, the others tells seem to be the habitats of different peoples and countries that have occupied this crossroads region: Yamutbal, Numha, Elam, Mariotes, then the Assyrians, Turukkeans and Urarteans.

Dinkha Tepe was destroyed by fire at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC, corresponding to its last mention in the texts of Urartu and the Neo-Assyrian ones.


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My notes of veracity :

During the 2nd millennium BC, Dinkha Tepe, Iran, was the city of Aslakka: 2.5/5

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