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Some researchers believe that the towns called Amadanu and Arqania in the annals of Ashurnasirpal II, king of Assyria during the 9th century BC, were Maden and Ergani.

This is one of the last military campaigns of Ashurnasirpal II which justifies this. Here, I advise the older translations, such as that published by JM Rodwell to 1901, to the more recent in French of Philippe Talon who ignored or even replaced, without justification, the country Kirkhi by Habhu.

The Assyrian king has left the city of Huzirina and goes upstream of the Euphrates, he said having passing through the town of Assa of the Kirkhi country, and captured the cities of Umalia and Hiranu of Adini country. Then he came down to the cities of the countries of Dirria, of Amadanu and Arqania. He captured the city of the country of Arqania, Mallanu, and he burned the cities of Zamba. After crossing the River Sua, he stopped near the Tigris to invade the cities of Arqania on either side of the Tigris, whose waters irrigated all Kirkhi. He arrived in the vicinity of the land of Amadanu at Barzanistun then Dandamusa, the walled city of Ilani of Bit-Zamani, which he laid siege. He have beheaded warriors and sent 600 heads and 3,000 prisoners in the royal city of Amedi. From Amedi he walked to the surrounding of the Kashiari Mountains to the town of Allabzie before besieged the city of Uda.

The course of this campaign is geographically determined by the Euphrates, by the Tigris and places that are already positioned such as Huzirina, which is now recognized to be Sultantepe, the country of Bit-Adini located along the Euphrates, Hiranu seems to be the modern Harran and Amedi located at Diyarbakir.

Human occupation around Ergani and Maden is proven on sites Çayönü and Hilar.

The site Çayönü, near the town of Ergani is a Neolithic site :

7 km from Çayönü is the site of Hilar:

The finds made on these sites show a continuous human settlement from the Neolithic. Three cemeteries were found on the adjacent hills, with inscriptions in ancient Syriac.

It is possible that Barzanistun is Boza Ersini Tepe, 4 km from Hilar in the direction of Diyarbakir. A necropolis on top of a rocky hill was found there.


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My notes of veracity :

Amadanu and Arqania are the old names of cities Ergani and Maden: 3/5

Barzanistun was the site of Tepe Boza Ersini: 3/5

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