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According to the archives of Mari, the Kingdom of Andarig was divided into two parts during the kingship of Zimri-Lim. A first area remained controlled by the former capital, Andarig with Himdiya as king, while Hulalum has moved to Allahad. II122 is a letter which states that this change was supported by 10 000 Babylonian from Sippar.

Allahad was located in the Yamutbal. This city is sometimes referred as Alahtum: In (1145) X 134 X + 177, Zimri-Lim seeks to have much information about Atamrum through Abi-sadi, barber of Alahtum. Atamrum was first known as Viceroy of Eshnunna, when the emperor of Elam is imposed on this country. But following the withdrawal of Elam, he was king of Allahad. He have grabbed Andarig during the death of Qarni-Lim. He was the son of Warad-Sin who seems to have previously exercised the power to Andarig.

In 26432, El-Yasim reports that 30 merchants came from Ekallatum to Karana. They continued their paths crossing the border of the Kingdom of Andarig to go to Kurda. They were arrested on the way to Allahad by the governor of that city. Yasim-El have write a letter for request instructions regarding their continued : house arrest or release.

In this blog, the cities of Karana, Andarig and Kurda are located northwest of the current country of Iran. This approach is confirmed by the fact that probably at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC, the city is evoked in the texts of Urartu under the name of the country of "Aladhais" which included the cities of UgistisAskayasSatiraraus and Vusis. This was the country of the Mannaeans, which was, I think, the new name of the inhabitants of the old country of Numhâ.

The most likely place name for Allahad is the present city of Mahabad, Iran.


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My notes of veracity :

Allahad was the country of the Aladhais in the texts of Urartu: 4/5

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