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François Thureau-Dangin, who has studied the geographic locations of the 8th Sargon II campaign, is quite sure about the location of some Mannaeans cities, including that of Usqaia (Osku, east of the lake Urmia, Iran) not far from that of Uisdis "Uisdis, province of Mannaeans countries which Ursa had seized and appropriate, its multiple cities that, are numerous like the stars of heaven, I conquered in full. Their strong walls to their foundations, like earthen pots I put crumbs, I planed their ground. Their multi-grain stores, innumerable, I opened to feed my troops. Uisdis I left, I arrived at Usqaia, the great fortress of the Urartu border."

Knowing that Sargon II came from the south, one can confidently position Uisdis at the south of Usqaia. These same two cities find themselves in the Argistis historical inscription on the cliff of the Castle of Van: "As we approach the countries of Bustus, I conquered the land of Askayas. I conquered the country Satiraraus. The preachers of the country of Ugistis and the princes of the country Vusis were moved. I left the country of Aladhais for devastate that of Babas."

Askayas is the city of Usqaia, probably Satiraraus is Sittuarzu (discussed later in the story of Sargon II 8th campaign, which seems to me a route around Lake Urmia to its east, north and west), Ugistis is Uisdis and Vusis the site of Ziviye, 40 km east of Saqqez, where a treasure was found.

The most likely place name for Uisdis is the current village of Aydisheh between Osku and Ziwiye.


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My notes of veracity :

Uisdis, Ugistis was a city of the Mannaeans southeast of Lake Urmia: 3/5

Usqaia, Askayas is the city of Osku east of Lake Urmia: 3/5

Vusis is the site of Ziviye: 2.5 / 5

Sittuarzu, Satiraraus was a city of the Mannaeans south of Lake Urmia: 3/5

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