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Tunip is a city often mentioned in the Ebla archives. Especially due to the presence of a deity, "resheph of Tunip" which appears 22 times, and because the Ebla sovereign done metal offerings to this déïty. About one thousand years later, it is mentioned in the fifth military campaign of Thutmose III, and in the Amarna letters. The letter EA 165 of Aziru is the most interesting for the location of this city: "[...] The King of Hatti stays in Nuhasse and I'm afraid of him. I hope it will not come into the country of Amurru and into the country of my lord the king. [...] Now the king of Hatti stays in Nuhasse. He is only two days of Tunip by walk. Let him leave! [...]"

It is this text which allowed to locate Tunip in the country of Amurru, near Nuhasse.

Most experts consider this town is the Tell Asharneh, often wrote Acharneh, on the Orontes River, northwest of Hamath, on the base of the clay composition of the Amarna tablets :

However, there is no certainty.

Personally, I think it was the city called Unipsum by Assyrian merchants in the late 3rd millennium BC. According to the texts of Kanes, the town was located on the way between Mamma and Ursum. So Tunip can be precisely positionned on the base of my assumptions for the last two cities (follow the link by clicking on the names).

A treaty, recovered both in Hattusa (CTH 135) and in Alalakh, in poor condition, defines the boundaries between Tunip and Alalakh : Sirina and Ishaniga are allocated to Tunip. The presence of Saruna and Ishaniga and the identification with Unipsum positions this towwn near Aleppo in northern Nuhasse. Also a location at Tell Umm el Marra is possible:

Tombs dated between 2500 and 2200 BC were found at Tell Umm el Marra. They are similar with those of Uruk and many metal objects were buried there.

But this ancient city can be the current village of Tünp located between Gaziantep and Aleppo. Basalt blocks covered with Hittite hieroglyphics were found there:





My notes of veracity :

Tunip was Tell Asharneh: 2/5

Unipsum is the name of Tunip during the 3rd millennium BC: 3/5

Tunip was the Tell Umm el Marra: 2.5 / 5

Tunip was the present village of Tünp: 3/5

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