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Since 1970, the Tell Sheikh Hamad was excavated by German archaeologists from the Free University of Berlin. They showed an occupation of the Middle Bronze Age and Late Bronze Age. Nearby, they found channels and an irrigation system that allowed a thriving regional agriculture.

During the 14th century BCE, the Assyrians have ensured the administration of the territories of the Khabur from this place. That's what show some 550 tablets found there. Among these is the correspondence of the governor of Dur-Katlimmu: Assur-idin. What surprised archaeologists is the use of the title "King of Hanigalbat" by this person who represented the local Assyrian authority: he called himself "sukkallu Rabu" of Hanigalbat.

Dur Katlimmu is mentioned in the neo assyrians texts of Ashurnasirpal II during a journey that led him to go down the Habur River until the Euphrates.

The name «Dur Katlimmu» of the tell Sheikh Hamad is certified by these writings throughout the neo assyrian period.





My notes of veracity :

Tell Sheikh Hamad or the Tall Seh Hamad or Tell Sheikh Hamad was call « Dur Katlimmu »: 5/5

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