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In Turkey, the current town of Savur is called Sawro by Syriacs. Its existence is proven during the Byzantine Empire. The city is located to the Turabdin, the Kashiari mountains of the Neo-assyrian empire.

Some researchers consider it was the city of Sura / Suru / Sara of the Bronze and Iron ages.

This town is not to be confused with Zurra, also called "Sarra of the country of Qabra" in the archives of Tell Shemsharah, probably a city in the most mountainous area of Sinjar, Jebel Ishkaft which is called Zara on his east.

Nor with Sura of Bit-Halupê which was further south, along the Euphrates.

Nor with Sour or Surru of the coast of the Levant.

During the antiquity, the multiplication of this city name had forced the scripts at adding the name of the country, for not to sow confusion. In general, without precision, it was Suru, Sura or Sara of the Kashiari Mountains.

This city, in the 9th century BC, is in the annals of Ashurnasirpal II, on an expedition beyond the Tigris, in the country of Kadmuhu, King receive the tribute of the town of Sura when he arrived at Mount Kashiari where he spent the night. (See the journey of this king here).

A stele erected by Ispuini on the occasion of a pilgrimage to Ardini / Musasir, stipulate in Akkadian "mighty king, king of Sura, kings of the countries of Biana, governor of the city of Tushpa". Probably at this time, Sura was in the country of Urartu.

From the archives of Hattusa, in the tablet KUB XXXIII 102, the king of Assyria, Adad Nirari, claims to have captured the royal city of the king of Mitanni Taidu and towns Amasuku, Kahat, Suru, Nabula, Hurra, Sudduhu and Wassukanni. The text KB0 III 60 of Hattusa archive evokes a Hittite expedition from Nuhayana against Halab and Ilan-Sura. It speaks of cannibals, a prince of Suda and the cities of Surra and Ukapuwa.

In the archives of Dur-Katlimmu, bands Subriu were described entrenched in the mountains of Hasamu and Kashiari, harassing the districts of Nihriya, of Hanu, of Subnat, of Sarua and of the banks of the Habur.

In the archives of Mari, the city is probably called Sara. It is mentioned with "Tazuwâ" presumably a misspelling of Tusha in IV62 tablet.





My notes of veracity :

Suru, Sura or Sara was the present town of Savur Turkey: 3/5

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