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In the Kanes archives of Assyrian merchants, Mamma is often mentioned as a stage city on a south path to go from Assyria to Kanes, through Unipsum and Ursum. I think the rest of the route was a river and a maritime navigation to reach Ulma.

In the Hittite texts of the Old Kingdom, Mamma is a city mentioned in a legend (CTH 2.1) referring to previous sovereigns Hattusili I : a king of Mamma, Anum-herwa, appears as a hero.

In Mari archives, I think that city is called Mammagira. I 10 and I 97 give a good idea of ​​the relative position of this city:

I 10: "In Subat-Enlil, the army is grouped and ready. The day after the feast of the month, I take the head of the army and I'll get right to Zalmaqum. Isar-lim must leave Subat-Samas and go to Hessum. He must wait for a letter from me to Hessum. As soon he received it, he must leaves his army to Hessum and comes himself to meet me at Mammariga."

I 97: "Mount Hasam is 2 doubles milles from Subat-Samas. We need two lightly equipped servants for taking your tablets and, at night, go running inside the Hasam without be seen, they must earning Suda or Mammagira".

According Hattusa archives of the New Kingdom, the Treaty CTH 50 gave the city of Murmuriga (also written Murmurik or Mormorik) to the son of Suppiluliama installed in Carchemish. Murmuriga, Sipri, Mazuwati and Surun were the cities of the country. From the capital, Murmuriga was towards the Mukish country.

Researchers see this site near the mouth of Nahr al Sajur, about 20 km south of Carchemish.

I think the tell Shuyoukh Fawqani can be this ancient city. (see here).







My notes of veracity :

Mamma, Mammagira or Murmuriga were a city not far from the Euphrates: 4/5

The Tell Shiyukh Fawqani was the city called Mamma, Mammagira or Murmuriga: 2.5 / 5

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