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Azazu is mentioned in a list of cities of the kingdom of Arpad in one of Sfire steles. According to the translators of the Aramaic inscriptions, Azaz, the present city of Syria near Aleppo, would be this city, which also appears in the Neo-Assyrian texts. Indeed, Ashurnasirpal II, 870 BC, mentions an expedition from Carchemish to go to Mount Lebanon. He received gold, textiles and linen in its passage through the city of Hazazu in Patina, located on river Aprê. Then, after spending the night he reached Kinalua, the capital of Patina. The geographical description is realistic, Azaz is located halfway between Karkemis and the Orontes.

Hazazu is shown on Balawat gates of the British Museum during a military campaign of Shalmaneser III toward the Phoenician cities.

Two thousand years later, that city was name of a battle between the Turks and the Franks.

Today, the place of discovery of the so-called steles Sfire is still subject to doubts: a city mentioned on the stele is more likely place of deposit. This can be Hazazu or Arpad, two cities which were actually important at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC, because mentioned on the neo-Assyrian texts, while, conversely, Sipri, the former name of Sfiré, appears during the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. On these stelae Hazazu was a city of Bit-Agusi, Arpad as its capital.

However Azazu is probably writed Huzzi at the beginning of the second millennium BC in the Kanes archives of the Assyrian merchants. Ehli-Addu on Alalakh tablets appears as correspondent Unap-Se in a few letters of Kanes. Ehli-Addu demands the payment of a debt in order to do business from Tunip in the country of Kuzzi or Huzzi. Hassum also appears there.


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My notes of veracity :

Azaz was the Neo-Assyrian Hazazu: 3/5

Azaz was the city of Huzzi during the 2nd millennium BC: 2.5 / 5

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