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According to the archives of Ebla, during the 3rd millennium BC, the first name of the city of Aleppo is Halam. Then, during the second millennium, this time from the tablets of Mari and Alalakh, it was Halab.

These old names have not been confirmed by archaeological excavations, the city was occupied and rebuilt continuously until today.

Excavations in Tell Al Aqaba have showed an occupation since the Bronze Age, but without tablet. Also, the history of the city and Yamhad comes from archives found on sites nearby.

In those of Mari during the 18th century BC, the country of Yamhad, whose kings are Sumu-Epuh then Yarim-Lim, is conflict with Mari. In this confrontation, the neighbors, the country of Hassum, Ursum and Karkemis are sometimes allies, sometimes enemies.

In the archives of Hattusa, Yamhad is an opponent of the early kings of the Old Kingdom. If Alalakh, under power of Yamhad, was destroyed by Hattusili I, it appears that Aleppo was spared. However Mursili I managed to defeat Halab and opened, at the same time, the road to Mesopotamia.

Thereafter, the king of Aleppo was allied to the king of Hanigalbat, ie the Mitanni. The history of the region is then that of Mitanni.

By taking power over the country under Hattusili II, the Hittites have shared the cities of the kingdom of Yamhad between countries of Astata and Nuhasse. Aleppo became a religious capital, Suppiluliuma has installed a son, Telepinus called "the priest".

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Halam and Halab designated Aleppo: 4/5

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