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Arward, in Syria, is an island of about 800 m long and 500 m wide, surrounded by a massive wall. Arados is its Greek name. Ruad or Aruad is the name given by the Templars during the Crusades.

The Amarna letters, around 1350 BC, evoke several times "Arwada" or the "men of Arwada". They are owners of vessels which have rallied to Aziru, the king of the country of Amurru, while Akhenaten was pharaoh. Previously, like all other ports of the coast of Levant, the island was owned by the king of Egypt, as mentioned in the EA101 tablet written by a mayor who stayed faithful to the Pharaoh. In addition, due to the rallying of the island to Amurru, the tablet suggest to Pharaoh the seizing of ships of men of Arwada who are in Egypt. It is not certain that he has done this : he probably preferred to keep his freedom to trade, putting further mayors in cantilever. A form of international trade existed between the countries around the Mediterranean, as we watch the wreckage of Ula Burun found to the west of Anatolia, which dates from the same century.

It is now accepted that the Arwad Island is mentioned in a warlike campaign of Thutmose III, year 29. Yet the place name in question is written "Artt." A great doubt exists on the Egyptian designation of this island city.

Renan mission, in 1861, found two Egyptian artifacts on the island :

  • An offering table in the name of Penamon;

  • A basalt statue of 21,5 x 13, 5 x 22,5 cm, on behalf of Ouâibrê-Sehedjtaoui, containing a kneeling man with a shrine containing an effigy of Osiris (the Louvre : E 4901).

During the Hellenistic period, the cult of Isis and Osiris is attested at Arwad and around : was found there a bronze Aphrodite / Isis representing the naked goddess, with isiac headdress.



My notes of veracity :

Arwad was called Arados by the Greeks and Romans: 5/5

Arwad was designated Arwada in Akkadian: 5/5

Arwad was written "Artt" in Egyptian hieroglyphs: 1/5

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